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Theatre staging: “The Little lights of Ko Ko Yao”, by Cacauet Teatre

Tuesday 23 November 2021
Biblioteca Pompeu Fabra (Mataró) - Spain
by Barcelona Provincial Council, together with the Municipal Libraries Network (Organiser)

Theatre performance aimed at children who are around 5 years old. The protagonists are animals and each one plays a specific role according to the different nature of actors and interests that represent the actual system of consumption (capitalists and abusive consumers vs. people negatively affected by these practices). This story happens in Thailand, a country characterised by an increased dynamic of abuses and exploitations. This show wants to highlight the misuse of power by those that have more political and economic influence and have greater capacities and knowledge over others. They focus on how consumption and production patterns have a negative impact on the environment, animals’ health, and natural resources. It also aims to show how this unsustainable model generates a massive volume of waste that is sent to inadequate zones. So, the main purpose is to raise awareness among society about the importance of our role as conscious consumers.

By Barcelona Provincial Council (Organiser) together with the Municipal Libraries Network.

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