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High-tech mobile phones, low-cost lives

Tuesday 30 November 2021
Calella - Espai Jove de Calella - Edifici Can Saleta. C/ Sant Jaume, 225 – 229, 08370 Calella
Consell Municipal de la Solidaritat Calella City Council

Workshop addressed to young people in order to raise awareness of the potential consequences about natural resources exploitation mainly to ensure the consumption of products by the countries on the North which negatively affect the environment and causes armed conflicts and poverty. This activity is based on the visualization of a documentary, called “Blood in the Mobile”, and a debate about the responsibility of companies, our consumption habits (especially regarding mobile phones and computers purchase), and possible solutions.

Its aim is to make known the situation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo that is one example of many similar countries of the South, that despite wealth of natural resources, their populations are in a situation of extreme poverty and their rights are not respected and vulnerated.

By Calella City Council, With Consell Municipal de la Solidaritat.